Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2) What i Counseling?

Posted by Suria Hana at 11:44 PM
Ini merupakan kata2 dari pensyarah aku. 

I will lend may shoulder and ears for you. ^_^

What is counseling? 
"Don't assume, please help people understand. So that magic is not what is expected from counselors. 
So that helping professional know their roles and not crossing boundaries. Public understand support and assistance is there for them no matter how difficult life can be. 
We help normal people facing abnormal situations.
* Adjusting and coping in transitions or contemporary crisis;
* Making changes in life;
* Making decision in life based on informed decision and;
* Helping people during tough moments
to look for immediate resources within them and support around them to ease the pain from life challenges.
Together look for skills to cope and work through issues" (Haniza Rais, 2014)

p/s: Dear 'you', you may not read these, maybe someday you will visit my page. Who knows. Always love you <3


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